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Sylvia Baber is a Brooklyn-based artist who works for public television when she's not daydreaming up new adventures for Pedro the Frog.

Sylvia's goals for Pedro are to create "picture books for adults" starring Pedro, as he tackles lifestyle & fitness (Life by Pedro), mental health and resilience (Affirmations by Pedro and Pedro's Mental Health Toolkit), and stories featuring Pedro and his friends as they playact their way around Monaco and other expensive locales (Pedro and the Long Paw).

The year was [REDACTED]: Sylvia came into the world tiny but swarthy, full of brass and vigor.* She was raised in an artistic family in Kentucky, without television, and invented lots of ways to amuse herself, her favorite being drawing.**

*easily placated, docile   **another big favorite: sneaking to the neighbors to watch television

The year was 1995: a tiny but swarthy sand-filled satin frog was impulse-purchased by Sylvia's best friend Emily at a local boutique. Christened Pedro, he became the official friendship mascot. Then, tragedy struck. An unsanctioned night out in the rain left Pedro waterlogged, and someone* decided a cycle in the dryer would sort him out. It did not, in fact, sort Pedro out, but cost him one of his bead eyes, and a lot of the sand out of one leg. The ever-creative Emily bound his leg up in brown thread, and gave him fancy new eyepatch. Pedro was not a whole frog anymore, but he was suddenly far more charismatic and interesting, and the girls were strangely drawn to his new energy. Thus, Pedro the Pirate Frog was born. The Adventures of Pedro the Pirate Frog (illustrations by Sylvia) soon became a staple of sophomore Calculus class.**

*it was totally Emily   **In high school, Sylvia was "not the strongest student."

Pedro was a regular feature on the margins of school notes and greeting cards for friends until 2011, when Sylvia made a Pedro calendar for her father's birthday, and had so much fun doing it she decided to devote as much time as she could to a serious Pedro the Frog endeavor. For the calendar, Sylvia decided the eyepatch and pegleg limited Pedro's dramatic range, Pedro was permanently restored (on paper) to his whole-frog, pre-dryer-incident self, to everyone's relief, especially Pedro's. www.Pedrothefrog.com emerged out of the ether soon after, and since then Pedro has been a dynamic* internet presence to his many, many** fans. 

*a loose term     **about 50

When she's not working on Pedro, Sylvia also enjoys working full time, and also working part-time at a another job (#Brooklynlife). Other hobbies include avoiding and/or judging loud people, pretending she knows what she's talking about at important meetings, securing her favorite spot on the Q train at whatever cost, remaining sedentary for hours, and speculating new cryptocurrencies*.

*not true

The End